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TitleBolivian Alamos de la Andes Co-op: An Empirical Case Analysis of Ethnic Women Identifying an Ethical Market Economy Path to Improve Their Financial Well-being
AuthorEfosa C. Idemudia
AbstractIncreasingly the empirical challenges to transform an emerging nation economy require the engagement of gender diversity to expand monetary activity in the local market. Hence, we investigate the factors that influence gross pay in the Knitting industry using Bolivia as a case study. Women in Bolivia use the local practice of hand- knitting to establish a light industry that enriches the national economy. Global markets are capital-centered financial stability in emerging markets is inextricably link to greater gender inclusion. Conversion of aboriginal survival practices with such items as food, food preparation, knitting, weaving, music, and art into commerce provides found revenue to insert into the local market at minimal cost to the national government. Los Alamos de la Andes organize traditional hand-knitting skill to increase wealth building opportunities among Quechua and Aymara Indian women in Bolivia.